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Meta site for Grabbeltuch


RiscMovie keeps track of your movie collection. For each movie you can set the genre, mediatype, audio tracks and subtitles. Each movie can have up to 3 titles (e.g. original and English). Multiple lists can be open at the same time and lists can be sorted and searched. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


An operating system optimized for security, productivity and ease of use - even on lw powered devices like the Raspberry Pi.


Lender is a small 'database' which will keep a list of all the things people borrow from you thus allowing you to keep track of these things. NOTE: Lender is a RISC OS app.


Glimmerjs component which displays a blog based on markdown files and index in son format.


TBKeyList creates a list of the keyboard shortcuts defined in a toolbox resource file (&fae). It also adds information about the window containing the shortcut, which object is shown and what event is raised when the shortcut is used. The layout of the created list is defined in templates and can be changed easily. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


Drone relieves the programmer of the more monotonous work related with creating a new application as it creates all necessary files automatically. Which files are created and the contents of those files can be changed. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


Text2HTML is a command line program which converts text files to HTML. It is supplied with a desktop frontend, but is also useable on its own. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


The purpose of BCache is to offer a quick and efficient way of altering the state of the cache. It is a rather simple program (the b means basic), so it doesn't offer any timing like reactivating the cache after 5 seconds or anything like that. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


InsertIcon inserts sprites into either the normal spritepool or the priority sprite pool introduced with RISC OS Select. It can also replace the toolsprites. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


SpriteLib splits sprite files into separate files. Sprites with the same name are combined into the same file. This makes comparing sprites from different sprite sets easy. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


MakeDir makes the handling of archives easier. It creates a directory based on the filename of the archive, adapts the name to RISC OS name-standards and opens the directory. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


MakeLink creates an 'empty' application which points to another application (the target) of your choice. Double clicking on the new application will run the target application, selecting 'Help' in the filer menu will open the help of the target application. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


HideIBar automatically brings the iconbar to the front when you move the mouse pointer to the bottum of the screen. A mouse click or key press will hide the iconbar again. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


AdaDoc consists of a commandline program 'AdaDoc' by Julien Burdy & Vincent Decorges and a frontend (this). To read more about the backend (AdaDoc) go to:


This is a frontend for the program reformat which will reformat and syntax colour Ada source code. The output is either text or RTF depending on what features are selected (syntax colouring => rtf).


FileChop is a frontend for GNATchop and therefore requires GNATchop to present in the run path. GNATchop takes a file and searches through that file for compilation units which are placed in separate files.


NameMapper scans a directory for ada sourcefiles (both body and specifications) and creates the file gnat.adc containing a pragma Source_File_Name for every file with a name longer than 10 characters. NameMap does not search all files for compilation units, it simply assumes that the package name and the filename are identical. Why is that useful ? Well, the current RISCOS port of GNAT (The GNU Ada translator) can only handle filenames up to 10 characters long. Supplying the file with those pragma statements gets arround that limitation and namemap will do the tedious work of creating those files. This can save a lot of time when porting large aplications.


Pager consists of a commandline program 'Pager2' by Richard Conn and a frontend (this). NOTE: This is a RISC OS app. PAGER2 is a tool for creating paged files, extracting the component files from a paged file, and scanning paged files, where a paged file is a file composed of one or more files prefixed by banners.


Stubber consists of a commandline program 'Stubber' by Steven E. Nameroff and a frontend by me. Stubber creates stubs on the basis of a Ada specifikation given to it. The stubs are placed in a Ada body file which will be written into a adb directory in the specifikation files parent directory. The adb directory is created if it does not exist already.


Meaning finds the meaning of acronyms and displays it in a textarea. You can select the text and drag the selection to other windows or copy it to the clipboard. New acronyms can be added. NOTE: This is a RISC OS app.


SettingsJS is a JavaScript library which creates a GUI for changing the settings of your app or site. SettingsJS takes your settings data in JSON as input and creates a GUI for viewing and changing every setting. The changed settings can be read back in JSON format.


Glimmerjs component which works as a pomodoro timer.


Glimmer component that provides multiple timers as a web component.


Glimmer component for experimenting with the Drake equation.


Purpose: Turn xxx/y into File extensions used by non RISC OS systems are normally mapped to directories under RISC OS. To do that appropriate directories have to be created, files have to be copied to these directories and the file extensions have to be removed. Ext2Dir does that for you.


Ada2Str is a command line program which creates StrongHelp documentation for Ada specifications. It is supplied with a desktop frontend, but is also useable on its own.


Visualize hierarchical timeline data. Built with Ember.js and D3.js. Fork of ember-timetree.