Command & Conquer 4 vs. MacMini and Paralells

My main computer at home is a MacMini (current gen.) which is a very nice machine but probably never meant as gaming machine. Nevertheless I decided to try running C&C 4 on it using Parallels.

It works!

Surprisingly it seems to work very well. The game runs without a hitch, except for the music which sometimes does skip a bit or two.

Note: I have lowered the graphics setting and I have not played the game much. Perhaps later and more complex parts of the game, have greater requirements.

Waiting for Red Alert 4

This is actually the first time I’m playing a game in the original Command & Conquer series. I have however played both Red Alert 2, Red Alert 3 and Command & Conquer: Generals. I like playing it, but I would prefer playing Red Alert 4, which hopefully is on its way!