iPhone Development with MonoTouch

I have recently become interested in developing for the iPhone OS (iPhone, iPod Touch). The obvious way to do that is to use XCode and program in Objective C. But I would rather not do that.

Not because I dislike the language (seems quite nice indeed) but simply because I think the time spend learning the intricacies of Objective C would be more productive, if I spend it programming in a language I already know. That means C#, Ada or some BASIC dialect.


This is where MonoTouch comes in. Mono is a open source reimplementation of .NET which runs on many platforms including Mac OS. With MonoTouch it is supposedly possible to develop applications for the iPhone OS in C#. Even in a way that is acceptable by Apple, which means no dynamic code.

C# experience

This route would by far be the easiest way for me. I program using C# daily at work and have done so for 3 years. Unfortunately MonoTouch is not released yet and I don’t seem to have made the cut for the beta testing team :-/

I guess I have to wait for the official release.