The Bourne Ultimatum

Yesterday I watched the movie “The Bourne Ultimatum”. It premiered three weeks ago in Denmark, but only yesterday in the local cinema.

I liked both previous Bourne movies (“The Bourne Identity” and “The Bourne Supremacy”) and actually also liked the old version of “The Bourne Identity” with Richard Chamberlain. I was therefore very excited about this new (final?) movie in the Bourne series.

This movie is directed by the same director as the second Bourne movie, Paul Greengrass, and is shot in the same style. That means the camera movements are often shaky and things are a bit blurry to make it seem as if the viewer is seeing the world through Jason Bourne’s eyes. This works very well especially during action sequences, and makes them very intense, just like The Bourne Supremacy. All the action sequences are very well done especially the one in Tangier. The acting is good, especially from Matt Damon, who is very believable as Jason Bourne.

What sets this movie apart from the other two movies in the (new) Bourne series is that we finally get to know how it started. We get David Webb’s motivation and his superiors motivation and we get to know the full scope of what they are prepared to do to protect their interests and “do the job”. This broadens the movies scope/perspective which in my opinion makes it a better movie than the two previous ones.

Now, don’t watch this movie expecting a big intellectual treatise on the abuse of power, it is first and foremost an action movie after all. But it’s not “just” an action movie. I like it very much. I’m probably going to watch it again in the cinema and I’m going to buy the DVD.