Miscellaneous Tools


SEDModeEd is an editor for StrongED modes. A mode governs how StrongED looks and behaves through a series of keywords. Normally such a modefile is edited using StrongED to change those keywords. Editing modes with SEDModeEd is different in that it uses a graphical user interface (GUI) and the user does not need to know any keywords. You can read more about it and get sourcecode access on the Sourceforge project page.

Download: V1.17, Source: Sourceforge


RiscMovie keeps track of your movie collection. For each movie you can set the genre, mediatype, audio tracks and subtitles. Each movie can have up to 3 titles (e.g. original and English). Multiple lists can be open at the same time and lists can be sorted and searched.

Download: V1.0, Source: GitHub


Application which lets you change the state of the cache.

Download: V2.02, Source: GitHub


Module which displays a clock on the iconbar. Versions prior to v0.04 were developed by Mark Greenwood.

Download: V1.02


Meaning finds the meaning of acronyms and displays it in a textarea. You can select the text and drag the selection to other windows or copy it to the clipboard. New acronyms can be added. The data files supplied with Meaning are - Acronyms, Perry Rhodan, Smilies, US-Army, US-Gov, Tom Clancy, David Weber.

Download: V1.06, Source: GitHub


This program keeps track of the things people borrow from you. Versions prior to v2.00 were developed by Ian Molton.

Download: V2.06, Source: GitHub


A program which converts text to HTML. It is a commandline tool with a desktop frontend based on the DDE module.

Download: V1.06, Source: GitHub