Genode on Raspberry Pi

This is a recipe for installing Genode on the Raspberry Pi. It is mostly based on the release notes on and has only been tested on Linux (Ubuntu).


You need a SD card with a Raspberry Pi installation.
Follow the guide on

Genode needs the Genode toolchain:

	sudo tar xPfj genode-toolchain-15.05-x86_64.tar.bz2

Fetch Genode and dependencies

Run the following script to fetch Genode and various dependencies.
The script will also create a build directory for a Genode build with Fiasco.OC for Raspberry Pi.

	# Genode
	git clone git://

	# USB drivers
	cd genode/repos/dde_linux
	make prepare

	# CLib
	cd genode/repos/
	make -C libports prepare PKG=libc

	# libports
	cd genode/repos/libports
	make prepare

	# ports
	cd genode/repos/ports
	make prepare

	# dde rump
	cd genode/repos/dde_rump
	make prepare

	# foc
	cd genode/repos/base-foc
	make prepare

	# Create build dir
	../tool/create_builddir foc_rpi

Change build configuration

The build is configured using the build.conf file in build/etc/.

You should at the very least add the dde_linux repository by uncommenting that line.

Build Genode ELF

Run make run/demo from the build/foc_rpi folder to build Genode. The result is a genode.elf file. The ELF file needs to be converted into a IMG file, since the Raspberry Pi can’t handle ELF files:

/usr/local/genode-gcc/bin/genode-arm-objcopy -Obinary var/run/demo/image.elf genode.img

Copy the resulting genode.img to the SD card root. Add the following lines to the config.txt file in the the SD card root:


With that, the Raspberry Pi should boot into Genode and open the demo app.