HoMMII on OSX Mountain Lion

One of the best computer games I have ever played is Heroes of Might and Magic 2 - yes - 2 - not version 5 or 6. I played it and the expansion pack “Prize of Loyalty” on my Acorn RISC PC for a long time. I have also tried newer versions but they somehow don’t seem as good. Although HoMM3 and HoMM5 were ok.

My main computer is now a MacBookPro and I decided to try to make HoMM2 run on that machine. Amazingly I got it going and it was surprisingly simpel. The following is a recipe for getting HoMM2 running on your OSX machine.


Creating the HoMM2 wrapper

The following recipe will create a HoMM2 wrapper application which will run HoMM2 using the Wine Windows “emulator”.

Now you should have a working version of HoMM2! Click on “Test Run” in the “Advanced”tab to confirm it.